Lumeflame the "DIY" Home Upgrade

This breakthrough invention is the ultimate solution to transform your home into a beautiful space for a fraction of the cost. It uses super bright LED lights that simulate a highly-realistic flame to give your house a cozy, warm mood. They’re so bright your home will look amazing even from a distance.

And, Lumeflame is super easy to use. Just screw it into any standard size light bulb socket. No annoying wiring or paying an electrician hundreds of dollars to come and install them for you.

Turn Your Regular House into a

Stunning Home in Minutes

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Why You Should Trust Lumeflame

To Spark Up Your Home


Flame Effect

30 Day

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Super Bright

LED Light


Your Home

3 Lighting

Light Bulbs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will they work upside down?

Yes, Lumeflame bulb has a simple sensor inside that detects the direction and reverses the led pattern so the flame always flickers upwards

Do these look great from a distance?

Absolutely! Lumeflame bulbs are really bright, and the flame effect is super realistic, so your house will look amazing from afar.

How do I change the lighting modes?

It’s easy! Just flick the switch that triggers the Lumeflame on and off and it will change to the next mode.

How life-like are these flames? I’ve seen some that just look like flashing lights?

Lumeflame’s effect is so realistic, it looks like you were lighting up the house with old-timey gas lamps. The flame effect is random so its mimics the visual effects of a real fire.

Can you use these in a standard lamp?

Sure! Lumeflame fits any standard lamp so you can add some spice into any room.
Get 55% Off Today!
Wini C.
“At first I was afraid they wouldn’t be too bright, or they wouldn’t have that “fire look” I was looking for, but I was not disappointed. They make my porch look so much better, my wife and I love them”